Boiron Trainings

Welcome to Boiron Consumer Training Program Series!

Designed to help you educate yourself and take full advantage of Boiron homeopathic medicines, these sessions take around 20 minutes to complete. They are interactive: quizzes and puzzles are offered to you to help you remember the essential information. We encourage you to leave your feedback at the end of the training.

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Important Information


  • The purpose of these online training sessions is to familiarize you with the homeopathic medicines marketed in the USA by Boiron USA. They are designed to be used solely as a guide for self-medication in self-limited conditions.
  • They are NOT designed to train you in recommending or prescribing medicines.
  • The Acknowledgment of Completion you receive when you pass the tests is NOT a license to recommend or prescribe homeopathic medicines. It simply acknowledges that you have completed the training and successfully passed the tests.
  • Outside of the United States, the distribution of homeopathic medicines may be regulated differently, and medicines may not be available over the counter.

System Requirements:

  • A sound card and available audio
  • Your Boiron account number
The trainings are optimized for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but will work in other browsers.