Anxiety is natural, universal phenomenon that can even be “healthy” sometimes, helping us to cope, find solutions, and fight against worrisome external factors. However, there is a point at which it can take over our life and overwhelm us. In this webinar, we will go through the main medicines to manage or prevent anxiety, panic attacks, and other stress-related conditions brought on by the current pandemic.

About Dr. Ronald Boyer

Ronald Boyer, M.D., is an internationally recognized authority in the education and practice of homeopathy. He holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Montpellier in France.

Dr. Boyer maintained a private practice specializing in family medicine for more than 30 years, during which time he lectured extensively on the subject of homeopathy for the CEDH throughout France and the United States.

Dr. Boyer is a founding member of the International Medical Homeopathic Organization (IMHO), an honorary member of the South African Homeopathic Medical Association (SAHMA), and member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. 


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